Sarah Martins slams Tacha over her controversial message to single ladies

Written by on January 23, 2024

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins criticized Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem housemate Tacha for justifying infidelity in relationships.

In a widely circulated online video, the reality star claimed that fidelity isn’t obligatory until engagement or marriage.

This perspective sparked criticism, notably from actress Sarah Martins. On her Instagram page, Martins cautioned Tacha against misleading the youth, emphasizing that if one can cheat during courtship, the likelihood persists in marriage.

Expressing frustration with the abundance of social media advice, Martins proposed banning podcasts, urging President Tinubu to take action.

“My sweet Tacha.
You never talk wetin dey ya mind. If you can cheat in courtship, you will definitely cheat in marriage no two ways about it.
Is the way you boldly carried the mic and boldly told the young ladies looking up to you as their role model to cheat on their spouses until they get a ring on their finger. Damn…fr? Wow, it’s high time Tinubu bans podcasts. It’s getting toxic!

If you can cheat in courtship, you will definitely cheat in marriage….
Stop misleading these young folks 🙏

If u never ready to settle down abeg do your olosho business in peace and don’t give these young ladies a reason to be misbehaving….

Thousands of disadvantages come with cheating and double dating…

No 1… infection!”.

Sarah Martins slams Tacha

A few days ago, Solomon Buchi claimed that most virgin women experience greater happiness and longevity in marriages, citing statistical evidence to support his assertion. In response, Sarah countered his argument by sharing her own experience. She got married at 19, emphasizing that being a virgin didn’t prevent her, or any woman, from leaving an unhappy marriage. Despite her loyalty and submission, she highlighted that maintaining good health was a priority, asserting that there’s nothing uniquely advantageous about being a virgin.

Last year, Martins cautioned women against relying solely on social media advice and urged them to focus on productivity. She conveyed her belief that the epitome of attractiveness is a productive woman. Expressing her disdain for messages that encourage dependence, she emphasized the importance of self-sufficiency.

In summary, Sarah’s response to Solomon Buchi’s claims highlighted the individuality of marital happiness, transcending the notion that virginity is a determining factor. Meanwhile, Martins’ advice from last year underlined the significance of productivity and self-reliance for women, steering clear of dependency on others.

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