Sarah Martins lost for words as fan of Very Dark Man sends her N800k for dressing smart

Written by on February 16, 2024

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins finds herself in a downpour of favor, as she recounts receiving unexpected credit alerts from generous Nigerians. This time, it’s a fan of social media activist Very Dark Man who has contributed to her windfall.

Taking to her Instagram page, the emerging actress shared the delightful news that a follower of Very Dark Man had sent her N800k as appreciation for her stylish attire in a recent video.

Sarah explained that she had interacted with Very Dark Man’s page by leaving a comment, which garnered considerable attention from many users.

To her pleasant surprise, a follower of Very Dark Man stumbled upon her Instagram story for the first time and admired her smartly dressed appearance in the video. Impressed by her fashion sense, he reached out to her, complimented her attire, and requested her account details, which she promptly provided. Much to her amazement, he promptly transferred N800k to her account.

“So yesterday, as usual, I dropped a comment on my fav’s page @verydarkblackman and a lot of people liked the comment and engaged on it….

A fan of VDM viewed my IG story status for the first time and liked my last video (attached to the post).

Him: I like your dress sense
Him: lol send me your domiciliary account lemme send u some money to buy more of it

I sent him my business dollar account but I ended up receiving the money in naira

800k just for looking cute?????
Wow…. Thank you

Who dey sell black jeans and black shirts biko”.

Fan of Very Dark Man gifts Sarah Martins N800k
Fan of Very Dark Man gifts Sarah Martins N800k

This isn’t surprising as hours ago Sarah Martins had declared love for Very Dark Man, revealing that she is a huge fan of him.

“Dear @verydarkmam I’m a huge fan”.

Sarah Martins declares love for Very Dark Man

A few days ago, Sarah Martins expressed shock when a man allegedly gifted her N1 million, claiming she resembled his late wife.

She shared a screenshot of the alert on her Instagram, stating the man sent her a significant sum simply because of her resemblance to his deceased spouse.

According to her, the man had been following her page for the past two weeks, expressing that she bore a striking resemblance to his late wife. Consequently, he requested her account details to treat herself to lunch.

Earlier this year, Sarah Martins broke down in tears on her Instagram page, lamenting the struggling economy. In a heartfelt post, she urged her followers to release their emotions before bedtime if it would alleviate their suffering.

She revealed feeling frustrated and despondent due to the economic downturn, which severely impacted people’s businesses. Expressing concern about how other entrepreneurs were coping, she disclosed suffering from high blood pressure and frequent headaches.

Very Dark Man continues to shade actress “My life is in Tonto Dikeh’s hands as she knows my routines”

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