Timini responds to girl who shot Cupid’s arrow at him “Be my valentine”

Written by on February 12, 2024

Actor and media personality Timini Egbuson recently stirred excitement by engaging with a girl who made her intentions clear on X platform.

A user named Soft Mo openly shared her desires for Valentine’s Day, expressing uncertainty between wanting Valentine gifts or Timini, whom she tagged.


Timini, in response, expressed uncertainty about the girl’s interest in him but assured her of his ability to provide gifts. He encouraged her to send a direct message and extended an invitation to be his Valentine.

In his words, he says,


“I’m not sure about having me but you can definitely get gifts. Be my Valentine. Send me a DM.”

In September 2023, Timini found himself in a state of disbelief as he faced the aftermath of a shocking break-in at his residence.

The incident left him reeling with devastation, unable to comprehend how thieves could have brazenly invaded his home while he was away. As he returned from his trip to Cape Town, South Africa, he was confronted with the grim reality upon reviewing the CCTV footage.


The chilling images captured a group of masked intruders, ominously dressed in black, as they callously pillaged his belongings. Among the items stolen was not only his valuable possessions but also his sense of security, shattered by the intrusion. To his horror, Timini watched as one of the assailants brandished a menacing knife, adding a chilling layer of danger to the violation of his personal space.

Fast forward to December, and Timini found himself embroiled in a playful exchange with his ardent fans, sparking intrigue about his unique scent.


It all began innocuously enough during an interaction with one curious fan who dared to inquire about Timini’s olfactory allure. Never one to shy away from banter, Timini responded with a cheeky remark that ignited a flurry of excitement among his followers.

With a mischievous grin, he teased that his taste surpassed even the most delightful aroma he emitted. His playful comment only served to stoke the flames of curiosity further, as his fans’ imaginations ran wild with speculation. In that moment of lighthearted flirtation, Timini added yet another layer of mystique to his already enigmatic persona, leaving his admirers eagerly anticipating the next tantalizing revelation.


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