Tonto Dikeh reveals toxic traits about herself

Written by on August 28, 2023

Tonto Dikeh reveals toxic traits about herself

Tonto Dikeh reveals toxic traits about herself

Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh fearlessly bared her flaws to the world.

In a recent Instagram update, Tonto candidly outlined her personal toxic characteristics. Among these traits, she embraces not being swayed by others’ opinions, maintaining a confident stride, holding back on second chances, cherishing her happiness, and relentlessly pursuing her desires.


With self-assurance radiating, Tonto asserted that no individual, regardless of origin, can daunt her, given her abundant self-confidence that projects world ownership.

She further declared her adherence to the principle of reciprocity and emphasized her conviction in her own unrivaled beauty.


“My Toxic Traits:

Don’t care what you think about me
Walking tall, earning tall, and waxing tall
I don’t give 2nd chances, everyone else deserves one, not just from me.
I am extremely selfish with my happiness.
I always get what I want
If I say I’ll achieve I will.
I have so much faith in myself.
You may be beautiful but I am more beautiful than any woman ever born.
My self-confidence would make you think I own the world.
There isn’t a man born of a woman I will fear.
I strongly believe in an eye for an eye.
Matching black eyes and saving for rainy days.
I can never speak to a human ever again if I decide to”.

Tonto Dikeh toxic traits

Tonto Dikeh makes an interesting revelation about herself

Recently, the actress shared an intriguing insight into her personality.


The actress, often at the center of controversies, emphasized her distinct characteristics.

Unveiling the aspects that set her apart, Tonto portrayed herself as authentic, resilient, and strong-willed. Yet, she also revealed her loyalty, affectionate nature, and her regal demeanor. Additionally, she stated that any setbacks she encountered did not define her.



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