Chidi Mokeme @ 50

Written by on March 17, 2022

Veteran actor and TV host Chidi Mokeme marked his 50th birthday on Thursday, March 17, as he also used the moment to show he is a lover of poems.


Nigerian actor, Chidi Mokeme, has revealed how he manages to look younger than his actual age.

The Nollywood actor disclosed this in a post on Thursday while celebrating his 50th birthday, stating that the grace factor in his life is the secret to his young look.


Mokeme wrote, “Hello 50, I’ve waited a long time for this day. Nice to finally meet you.

“You don’t look anything like they say though. You look like 30, the one I met 20 years ago. Or is 50 the new 30? Of course, that’s the GRACE factor.


“Anyways let’s pop some bubbly, fill up our flutes and make a toast. We have some catching up to do, then I can share my dreams with you. I’m glad you could make it, so let’s start with Happy Birthday to me.

“You know the drill. We’re gonna have fun and enjoy our moments.”


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