You’re too young to own such a luxurious car

Written by on July 21, 2022


Nigerian Twitter personality, Daniel Regha has reacted after skit-maker, Shank Comics, bought a brand new Lexus SUV as his first car.


The content creator took to his social media page on July 6, 2022 to announce the purchase of his new whip.


”Got my first ride today. Thank you Jesus.” Shank wrote.


Daniel Regha, however, opined that the Shank was too young to own such an expensive car. He said that Instagram comedians getting rich overnight and being able to afford luxurious items is questionable.

Daniel wrote; ”Shank u are too young to own such a luxurious car; The rate at which u supposed comedians get rich overnight is questionable, comic skit doesn’t pay as y’all make it seem & sensible people know how difficult it is to save or live lavish while earning an honest living. No offense.”




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