BBNaija’s Queen and fiance releases pre-wedding photos

Written by on March 13, 2024

Former Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ housemate, Queen Mercy Atang, and her fiancé, David Oyekanmi, recently revealed their pre-wedding photos.

Just two weeks ago, reports emerged that the reality star had confirmed her engagement. She posted a picture proudly displaying her engagement ring while interlocking hands with her fiancé.

Subsequently, on her Instagram page, the reality star revealed that her partner had proposed to her with a diamond ring, underscoring her importance to him.

BBNaija's Queen

Today, the couple was poised to tie the knot traditionally, and in anticipation of their wedding, they unveiled their pre-wedding photos.

David Oyekanmi, her fiancé, took to his Instagram page to share the captivating snapshots. The images showcased the lovebirds adorned in various traditional ensembles. Queen exuded elegance in the Akwa-Ibom traditional attire, while David embraced his Yoruba heritage, clad in a typical Yoruba attire.

In his caption, he stated that it was time as he quoted the scriptures.

“It’s about Time!!!
And King David said “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.
Genesis 2:23 NKJV”.

Before their wedding, Queen had a delightful encounter with her soon-to-be in-laws. David Oyekanmi, her fiancé, shared a heartwarming clip on his Instagram story, depicting Queen’s joyous meeting with her future mother-in-law, who warmly embraced her. Surprisingly, the two even exchanged kisses.

Shortly after, Queen met with her father-in-law, documented in a video shared by a close friend of the couple. In the clip, Queen arrived from a vehicle as her father-in-law greeted her with enthusiasm, warmly embracing her. They were later seen walking hand in hand as they entered a building.

Recall that Queen’s baby daddy, Lord Lamba, faced criticism for potentially disrupting her special moment when he publicly acknowledged their daughter on the day Queen announced her engagement.

In response, Lord Lamba denied the accusations and clarified his intentions, asserting that he simply wanted to affirm his daughter’s paternity. He emphasized that his choice to maintain a private life does not affect his relationship with his daughter, asserting that he has been a father figure to her.

Additionally, Lord Lamba addressed the end of their relationship, acknowledging that things didn’t work out between them. Despite this, he stressed their shared commitment to providing the best for their daughter, even though they are no longer together.


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