Uriel laments over the cost of living in Nigeria

Written by on February 20, 2024

Former BBNaija contestant, Uriel, expressed her frustration on Instagram. She lamented the increased price of her favorite shower gel since her last purchase.

The recent surge in prices of goods and fuel has stirred discontent among the public, including celebrities. Despite the perception that celebrities are financially better off, they too feel the pinch of these hikes.

Uriel also recounted an incident at the cashier where she had to ask for items to be removed due to the inflated prices, leaving her feeling embarrassed. Adding insult to injury, someone approached her for a selfie after witnessing her ordeal with the cashier.

Uriel's post on Instagram where she lamented over the cost of living in Nigeria.

Uriel, despite her apparent financial stability from signing endorsement deals and owning her own business, found herself lamenting the recent price hike, which has hit Nigeria hard.

This surge in prices, one of the highest witnessed in the country in recent memory, appears to be affecting individuals across all socioeconomic levels.

Many other celebrities have joined Uriel in voicing their concerns about the escalating costs of goods in Nigeria. Previously, Kemi Filani reported on Mercy Aigbe’s heartfelt appeal to Seyi Tinubu, urging him to address the current hardships faced by Nigerians. The widespread impact of the price hikes has prompted these prominent figures to speak out in hopes of sparking change.

Actress Laide Bakare also added her voice to the chorus, expressing her frustration over the soaring cost of living in Nigeria. However, her remarks were met with criticism from her colleague Adaora Umoh. Adaora questioned Laide’s sincerity in raising concerns about the price hikes, pointing out that Laide had allegedly supported the current President during his campaign. This exchange underscores the complexities and tensions surrounding the issue of rising prices in Nigeria.

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