Bimbo Ademoye appreciates her fans for their support on her movie

Written by on February 20, 2024

Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye was in a jolly mood today, as she celebrated massive views for her movie Iya Barakat on YouTube. The actress took to Instagram to write a lengthy note, thanking her fans for showing her support.

She wrote, “SINCERE APPRECIATION POST ! While the newest episode of teropi secxxion starring @amudaeko01 and @karen_spikess is up om the channel, I’d like to say a very very huge heartfelt thank you to you guys.

Some days ago, I went on rant on live , talking about the low views on my YouTube channel . Yes we laughed about it but we went from 100k views to 113 views in less than 72 hours. THIRTEEN THOUSAND PEOPLE SHOWED UP FOR ME.

Imagine thirteen thousand people In a room. That’s over half the size of the 02 arena capacity. I came to rant and you guys came through. I’m grateful, thank you for your words of encouragement.

Some of you came to my dm to drop criticisms In the nicest waypossible. I do not take it for granted, I have seen them ,I have taken note and l’d do better. Thank you soo00 much guys.

Bimbsnation, mo love vin daku . I love you guys so freaking much. I’m the luckiest girl alive to have all of you . Pls do watch the newest episode by clicking the link on my bio and story. This girl is grateful.”

Bimbo Ademoye thanks her fans over massive YouTube views.

Bimbo Ademoye expressed gratitude to her fans shortly after venting on Instagram about the low views on her YouTube channel. Her fans seemed to heed her call for support. She had lamented her struggle to reach a hundred thousand views on her movie.

Since she posted her rant online, Bimbo Ademoye has amassed thirteen thousand views on her movie. This demonstrates the strength of her social media presence and the unwavering support of her fans. Achieving thirteen thousand views in less than forty-eight hours is remarkable, highlighting their dedication.

It comes as no surprise that Bimbo Ademoye’s fans rallied behind her after her complaint. She is known as one of the most entertaining and drama-free celebrities online. Her content primarily revolves around promoting her work and sharing humorous skits on her social media platforms.

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