Bukola Arugba shares cryptic post “You cannot be sneaky around people who have the gift of discernment”

Written by on January 19, 2024

Nollywood actress and poet, Bukola Arugba, recently posted a cryptic message directed at deceivers.

In her revelation about dealing with such individuals, the estranged partner of Damola Olatunji emphasized that those with the gift of discernment are perceptive and can always uncover deceit.

Drawing from personal experience, she shared that she, too, possesses this ability. She recounted instances when she either dreamt, sensed, smelled, saw, or heard signs of sneakiness. Elaborating, she noted that divine intervention, particularly from God, consistently reveals the truth to them.

“You cannot be sneaky around people who have the gift of discernment. We are either going to dream it, feel it, see it, smell it, hear it, or see it.

God did”.

Bukola Arugba gift of discernment

Several months ago, Bukola Arugba publicly expressed her emotional turmoil on social media. The mother of two, seeking solace, tearfully shared her state of mind with followers. To avoid unwarranted judgment and backlash, she disabled comments on her post.

In a previous instance, Arugba had garnered concern from fans as she discussed the challenges of being an actress. In a detailed Instagram post, the estranged wife of Damola Olatunji highlighted the painful aspect of acting— the blurred line between reality and scripted life. She questioned whether her real life was akin to a movie and emphasized her right to experience emotions, despite channeling them into her film projects.

Fast forward to May 2023, Bukola stunned many by announcing her separation from Damola Olatunji. Through her solicitors, she issued a public service announcement, confirming the end of their relationship. While the statement didn’t delve into the reasons, it clarified that the couple, although never married, shares the responsibility of raising their twins.

The separation, as per the statement, unfolded amicably, emphasizing the well-being and welfare of their twins as the couple’s primary focus. Despite parting ways, there are no hard feelings, and both ex-partners have committed to jointly ensuring the happiness and security of their children.

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