Davido teases future collaboration with Kizz Daniel

Written by on February 16, 2024

Davido, a multiple award-winning singer, recently shared exciting news with his fans via Instagram stories.

He revealed plans for a collaborative extended play album (EP) with Kizz Daniel after his next album. This announcement hinted at an upcoming music project between the two renowned artists.

This potential EP collaboration between Davido and Kizz Daniel is significant, considering their previous work together. They have collaborated on several songs in the past, with their most recent being the remix of Kizz Daniel’s hit track, ‘Twe Twe’.

Davido teases EP collaboration with Kizz Daniel.

In the past, Davido and Kizz Daniel collaborated on hit songs like ‘One Ticket’ and ‘Woju’, which enjoyed immense success and remained popular for an extended period.

Their collaboration marked a fusion of their individual styles, resulting in tracks that captivated audiences and dominated airwaves. ‘One Ticket’ and ‘Woju’ became anthems, showcasing the synergy between Davido’s energetic Afro-pop vibe and Kizz Daniel’s smooth Afro-beats and Fuji influences.

These songs not only topped charts but also showcased the duo’s ability to create music that resonated with listeners across diverse musical preferences and demographics.

Despite their differing singing styles, they always seemed to harmonize effortlessly when performing together. Davido’s music style leans towards Afro-pop, characterized by its catchy rhythms and infectious melodies that ignite dance floors worldwide.

On the other hand, Kizz Daniel’s songs incorporate elements of Afro-beats and Fuji, adding a unique flavor and depth to his sound.

However, when they join forces, they form a formidable duo, blending their distinct styles to create music that transcends genre boundaries and captivates audiences with its infectious energy and undeniable appeal.

While Davido and Kizz Daniel may appear to be the ultimate dream team, they haven’t always been on good terms. Several years ago, they found themselves embroiled in a significant feud that sent shockwaves through the music industry.

The dispute reportedly stemmed from an altercation between Davido and Kizz Daniel’s manager, escalating into a full-blown conflict between the two artists. Amidst the heated exchange of words and public accusations, their once-promising collaboration seemed to be on the brink of collapse.

However, like true professionals, they eventually reached a resolution, realizing that their feud was overshadowing their shared passion for music. Through open communication and mutual understanding, they put an end to the feud, setting aside their differences and reaffirming their commitment to their craft.

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