Dayo Amusa leaves many talking as she shares letter from her serial lover

Written by on February 16, 2024

Dayo Amusa, a Nollywood actress, sparked discussions among her fans by sharing a letter from her serial lover. This occurred on Valentine’s Day, when her lover wrote her a note, affectionately calling her his Adufe. He expressed his profound love for her, emphasizing that words couldn’t fully convey his feelings.

Acknowledging the deep bond they shared, he described her not only as an aunt but also as a mother figure and, most importantly, his sweetheart. He praised her unconditional love and care, highlighting how she had always looked after him.

Her serial lover, identified as Timzy, who is her nephew, expressed gratitude for their special relationship. He thanked her for consistently making him feel cherished and loved. He conveyed that she held a special place in his heart and gladly accepted her invitation to be her Valentine.

The heartwarming letter, which conveyed deep affection and appreciation, was shared by Dayo Amusa.

Dayo Amusa letter from serial lover

Taking to her comment section, her fans gushed over the love between her and her nephew.

Omo Brish wrote, “Ode ni e

One Adenike Ayamolowo wrote, “Awww, so cute. Blessed him forever

One Iyaniwura 001 wrote, “Timmy boy

One Temmy Tee wrote, “Where una dey see sweet love

One Spicey Ahubekee wrote, “Serial lover aunt”.

Two years ago, Dayo Amusa revealed the reasons behind her decision to remain in an abusive relationship that nearly destroyed her life.

She explained that leaving was initially challenging, but ultimately, it was a decision that saved her life. Realizing that she couldn’t mend what was irreparable, she decided to break free.

Amusa admitted to a pattern of attracting emotionally unavailable men, narcissists, and others. She recognized that her belief in saving them contributed to this cycle.

Several months ago, Amusa faced criticism for her views on political matters and her response to a colleague’s actions, presumed to be directed at Iyabo Ojo.

The backlash intensified when she was mocked for her infertility, prompting her to respond with fervent curses via Instagram Live.

Amusa also shared her perspective on marriage, highlighting the misconception that it can cure loneliness and cautioning against unrealistic expectations.

She stressed the importance of self-love and emphasized that marriage should be approached with careful consideration, as it entails significant commitment.

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