Iyabo Ojo backs out of the RHOL reunion “I chose to listen to my family”

Written by on February 8, 2024

Nollywood actress and reality show star, Iyabo Ojo, startled her followers with a surprising announcement on her Instagram page.

She revealed that she had decided not to attend the upcoming Real Housewives of Lagos reunion show, leaving many jaws dropping. This announcement caught everyone off guard, considering Iyabo Ojo’s significant involvement in the show.

Iyabo Ojo backs out of the Real Housewives of Lagos reunion.

In her recent Instagram caption, Iyabo Ojo candidly shared her decision to refrain from attending the RHOLagos2 reunion.

Reflecting on her deliberation process, she acknowledged the influence of various stakeholders, including her family, loved ones, especially her partner and children, as well as the brands she collaborates with. Their collective feedback led her to opt out of the event.

While initially hesitant, Iyabo’s decision ultimately aligned with the consensus reached through these consultations, underscoring the significance of external perspectives in shaping her choices.


Navigating this decision wasn’t without its challenges for Iyabo Ojo, given her prominent role throughout the season. Her encounters, notably the clash with socialite Laura Ikeji, remained a focal point of discussions, often sparking controversy.

Particularly noteworthy was the fallout from her assertion that she could resort to bullying if she found someone disagreeable. Despite the ensuing criticism and accusations, Iyabo Ojo maintained her stance, vehemently denying any characterization of herself as a bully. Thus, her decision to forgo the RHOLagos2 reunion marks yet another instance where she confronts public perception and stands by her principles.


For Iyabo Ojo, withdrawing from the Real Housewives of Lagos reunion serves as another defining moment in an eventful week. Prior to this, she found herself embroiled in a subtle yet notable exchange with actress Lizzy Anjorin over the latter’s involvement in a fake alert scandal.

This exchange, unfolding amidst heightened public scrutiny, underscored Iyabo’s willingness to engage in discourse surrounding pertinent issues, even if it meant confronting her peers. In doing so, she reinforced her commitment to transparency and accountability within her social and professional circles, further solidifying her presence as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.


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