Kizz Daniel reveals why he can’t stop drinking alcohol

Written by on March 6, 2024

Kizz Daniel has been releasing a lot of hit songs throughout his career, and there might just be a secret behind his record-breaking song, and it is an unusual one for that matter.

A netizen had asked Kizz Daniel if he could stop drinking, but he responded in the negative that he couldn’t because he can’t record songs while he is sober.

Kizz Daniel also stated that he loves his family, but they can be boring sometimes, and this implies that he cannot always get inspiration from them.

Kizz Daniel reveals the reason behind his inability to stop drinking alcohol.

Despite Kizz Daniel’s assertion that he couldn’t record songs sober, no one, not even his associates or family, labeled him an alcoholic. He appeared to manage everything well, functioning normally without causing any societal disturbance, akin to many alcoholics.

Although some may disapprove of Kizz Daniel’s pre-recording drinking habit, his music portfolio in the Nigerian industry stands as one of the finest. With chart-topping hits like “Twe Twe” and “Buga,” he has solidified his place in the music scene, both locally and internationally.

Similarly, a few years back, Kizz Daniel publicly vowed to quit smoking, only to revert to his old habits shortly after. Notably, he never pledged to quit drinking, and despite rumors about his adherence to Islam, it’s somewhat surprising that he openly acknowledges his consumption of alcohol.

The dichotomy between his public persona and his personal habits raises questions about societal expectations and personal choices in the entertainment industry. While some may criticize his behavior, others applaud his authenticity and ability to maintain creative output despite unconventional methods. Ultimately, Kizz Daniel’s talent and success speak for themselves, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next musical endeavors.

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