Lilo Aderogba addresses pregnancy rumors in social media post

Written by on January 22, 2024


BBNaija’s Lilo Aderogba recently took to social media to address swirling pregnancy rumors. In a comprehensive Instagram video, she emphatically clarified that she was not pregnant, even taking a moment to showcase her flat stomach, dispelling any speculation.

Initially, a clip in the video depicted Lilo’s stomach appearing enlarged, creating a stir. However, as the video progressed, it became evident that she was playfully jesting, as her stomach maintained its usual flat appearance. This public clarification served to quell any misunderstandings and put to rest the pregnancy speculations that had surfaced recently.

Lilo Aderogba addresses pregnancy rumors

In recent times, Lilo Aderogba found herself entangled in pregnancy allegations, initially refuting them despite widespread online chatter. However, a recent video seems to have reignited these speculations.

Celebrity life is inherently susceptible to periodic rumors, and Aderogba, recognizing the need to manage her public image, navigates these situations with finesse. Her handling of the current pregnancy allegations, a departure from her typical online drama-free demeanor, underscores the uniqueness of this situation.

Since her exit from the BBNaija house, Aderogba deliberately maintained a low-key online presence. Steering clear of controversies, she strategically shares cute pictures, avoiding involvement in online dramas that could potentially blemish her reputation. Her ability to keep personal details private has contributed to maintaining a low profile despite her fame.

The recent resurgence of pregnancy rumors appears to have disrupted the tranquility she usually enjoys. Aderogba’s decision to address these speculations suggests a level of personal concern. With her recent clarification, the question lingers: Will netizens now release their persistent focus on this matter? Only time will tell.

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