Nkechi Blessing tells lover over his s3xual demand “I am celibate”

Written by on February 15, 2024

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, asserted her celibacy after her boyfriend, Xxssive, sought sexual intimacy from her.

Earlier, Xxssive expressed disappointment over his Valentine’s Day, despite it coinciding with his girlfriend’s birthday. He shared a video of their interaction in bed, where he attempted to initiate intimacy, but Nkechi resisted, leaving him sexually frustrated.

In response, Nkechi clarified her celibacy to Xxssive, instructing him to move away.

“I am celibate Pls. Get behind me Satan”.

Nkechi Blessing says she is celibate

Earlier in the day, Xxssive had splurged N6 million on a twin bracelet for both of them. The Delta-born star had surprised her with this lavish gift during her birthday dinner. In a video shared online, Xxssive presented the expensive bracelet to a thrilled Nkechi, who couldn’t contain her joy.

In his caption, Xxssive reflected on how he hadn’t gifted her anything for her birthday last year, citing that Urhobo men typically don’t attach much significance to such gestures. However, recognizing her worth, he recounted how he managed to arrange a last-minute birthday dinner to celebrate her.

In his birthday message, he extended warm wishes to her, affectionately referring to her as the most stubborn person he knows. Nonetheless, he emphasized that her stubbornness doesn’t overshadow her incredible qualities.

A few weeks prior, Nkechi had laid down some ground rules for her female friends, explicitly stating that they are not allowed to flirt with her man.

Despite her trust in him, she expressed distrust toward her friends, cautioning them against overstepping boundaries.

She also made it clear that her friends cannot rely on her man for assistance if they find themselves in a bind. She recounted a past incident where a friend’s man was stolen by another woman, who even went as far as getting pregnant for him, and challenged her friend to do her worst.

To prevent similar situations from occurring, she is enforcing strict guidelines for her friends, including a prohibition on dating her ex-boyfriends.

Last year, the couple sparked breakup rumors when they unfollowed each other on Instagram and stopped interacting on social media. Nkechi hinted at maintaining an amicable relationship with him, unlike her previous experiences, stating that her perspective wasn’t relevant.

However, Xxssive swiftly dispelled the rumors by sharing a affectionate video of them together and re-following her on Instagram.

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