Paul Okoye slams Eedris Abdulkareem over beef with Burna Boy

Written by on February 19, 2024

Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, recently chimed in on the online feud between legendary rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem, and Burna Boy.

In a post on his Instagram story, he criticized Eedris Abdulkareem for consistently instigating conflicts with his fellow artists. Paul pointed out Eedris’s history of confrontations with 2baba, Psquare, Timaya, and D’banj, and now, Burna Boy has become his latest target.

Paul recalled how Eedris Abdulkareem frequently emphasizes his advocacy for the industry, which he finds amusing. He reminisced about a time twenty years ago when Nigerian artists collectively voiced concerns about payment conditions and treatment at an American rapper, 50 Cent’s show. However, Eedris Abdulkareem undermined their unity by secretly accepting minimal compensation.

Despite being privy to these events, Paul had remained silent until now.

“Every Eke market day we go dey hear “I fought for the industry” na me cook dey food wey una dey chop” I go just dey laugh.
Now you want reply with music, you go reply taya.
Over 20 years I have kept silent about what really transpired, how the top Nigerian artists as of then agreed with one voice, about payment conditions and treatments on the same 50-cent show. Only for this greedy guy to go behind and collected peanut. You dey expect VIP treatment on top peanut payment?
You keep insulting any artiste at every opportunity, if is not Tuface, is Psquare, Timaya, D’banj, now na Burna. You go explain taya”.

Paul Okoye tackles Eedris Abdulkareem over beef with Burna Boy

Reportedly, Eedris addressed the music industry and Burna Boy during an excerpt from the renowned podcast The Honest Bunch.

The singer criticized Burna Boy for claiming his senior colleagues hadn’t prepared him for success years ago. Burna Boy responded, alleging that nobody in the Nigerian music business had assisted him, as musicians were too self-involved or busy criticizing others’ achievements.

In response, Eedris rebuked Burna Boy’s statement as nonsensical, prompting Burna Boy to retaliate by accusing him of blaming those who donated money for his hospital bills last year. He expressed a desire to meet Burna Boy in person.

Continuing the feud, Eedris penned an essay accusing Burna Boy of wishing him dead, expressing disappointment and sadness over the Grammy winner’s mockery of his health crisis.

Jaywon also chimed in, acknowledging Eedris’s unacknowledged contributions to the industry due to his arrogance. He drew parallels between Eedris and Burna Boy, suggesting that karma catches up with everyone eventually.

He emphasized that ultimately, everyone reaps what they sow.

This wasn’t the first time Eedris had targeted Burna Boy. In 2020, he praised Davido as the true Odogwu of their generation amid a clash between Burna Boy and Davido. Burna Boy felt sidelined after Davido claimed he and Wizkid were Nigeria’s greatest musicians.

Eedris joined the fray by stripping Burna Boy of the Odogwu title and bestowing it upon Davido.

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