Sophia Momodu recounts the unforgettable night her mentality as a single parent changed

Written by on February 9, 2024

Sophia Momodu, the first babymama of music star Davido, recalled the night her mindset shifted as a single parent.

On her more active Snapchat account, she shared that a year ago, her world seemed to crumble. Momodu recounted feeling terribly ill, prompting a 1 a.m. rush to the hospital.


In a state of panic, she reached out to Savo, who was recording Stamina that night. Remarkably, he arrived in less than 10 minutes. She also contacted actress and DJ Dorcas Fapson, along with others, who swiftly came to her aid.

She realized the strength of her support system as Savo reassured her and urged her to breathe. With her family and more friends gathering around her, the hospital soon became crowded.


That night marked a turning point in her perception of single parenthood. She now understands that parenting requires a village, and she acknowledges the importance of a strong support network.

“1 year ago today my whole world felt like it was crumbling around me. My child was so sick. At 1amshe needed to be rushed to the hospital. In my panic state, I called Savo she was recording Stamina that night, and she showed up in less than 10 minutes.


Rushed us to the hospital. She just kept saying”Breathe”, I am here. Imade is fine. You’re not alone” Hmmm that day I realized just how powerful my support system was. Rima showed up in 5mins. DSF showed up 30 minutes after we got to the hospital followed by Kanayo, then my family. The hospital was packed. This night changed my mentality as a single parent forever. 2 things: 1, it truly takes a village 2, God don’t play about his own”.

Sophia Momodu reveals the night her mentality changed

Sophia claiming to be a single parent isn’t surprising as in 2022, after her fallout with Davido, she revealed her plans to drop the Adeleke name from her daughter, claiming she is both the father and mother to their daughter.


Recall that things turned sour between Davido and Sophia after the singer publicly declared love for his now wife, Chioma Rowland, and reunited with her. This left Sophia infuriated and she shared a post about a cat not taking rubbish from a dog.

She later went on an extensive rant hinting that all wasn’t well between her and Davido as co-parents and indirectly accused him of financially abusing her.


She reignited their co-parenting drama in December, last year after she shared a screenshot of an emotional chat between her daughter and her grandmother, where she expressed heartbreak over her brother, Ifeanyi’s death, and her father’s neglect, which had caused her profound sadness.

The drama between them led to a fallout between Davido and his colleague and friend, Tiwa Sav@ge.


Tee Billz, Tiwa’s baby daddy dragged the singer online for disrespecting them as he accused Davido of being a deadbeat father and vindicated Sophia Momodu.

Tiwa had even slammed Davido with a Threat to Life letter, alleging that on several occasions, he had bullied her.


Sophia had also slammed him with a cease and desist letter, detailing an incident of online bullying and harassment.


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