Uproar as Davido’s aide, Lati allegedly compensates fan whom he slapped with N200k

Written by on February 16, 2024

Lati, the bouncer and aide to music star Davido, reportedly compensated the singer’s fan whom he slapped with N200k.

A few days ago, Lati made headlines when a video of him assaulting Davido’s fans surfaced. He assaulted two fans who wanted to take a video with Davido. In the first video, Lati punched a fan for taking pictures with the singer at an event. In another video, Lati landed a heavy slap on another male fan who tried to approach Davido.

According to reports, Lati allegedly compensated the fan for the assault with N200k. A screenshot of the N200k credit alert is circulating online, with reports claiming that Lati reached out to apologize for his actions.

However, many netizens remain skeptical, suggesting that the fan could have received more compensation if he had pursued legal action against Lati.

Lati compensates fan he slapped
Lati compensates fan he slapped

One Imgidi wrote, “Make the guy sue he will get more than that. You no fit try this nonsense for abroad that guy go just declare say that slap don incapacitate him brain, and can’t work again

One Dasauge Theeye wrote, “I will sue you and 30bg for assault straight up

One Ber Nice wrote, “This is the rubbish we tolerate every time. The worst is David doesn’t behave like that towards his fans

One Official Prince Sky wrote, “That’s the problem with Nigerians, any small money they don buy una.

One Coker Fasuyi wrote, “If him sue, he for get 200 million oh

One Ifeoma Nwalozi wrote, “They would have given the boy chance to negotiate because that slap hot for 200k”.

Anita Joseph reacted to the video, calling it unfair and questioning its triggers. Skitmaker Mr Macaroni expressed sadness, condemning the incident as dehumanizing. He stated his understanding of such situations, emphasizing the unnecessary violence toward fans.

In a subsequent tweet, he urged fans to respect celebrities’ privacy, highlighting the principle of reciprocity in respect. Addressing celebrities, he emphasized treating fans with respect and dignity.

Last year, at Mohbad’s Candlelight ceremony, Davido made headlines for knocking a fan’s phone while attempting to capture him. During his Timeless Concert, a fan rushed the stage, prompting Davido to prepare for a physical altercation. Security intervened, averting potential confrontation.

Anita Joseph reacts to viral video of Davido’s aide assaulting his fans

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