Chioma Goodhair celebrates her mom’s 68th birthday anniversary in new post

Written by on February 19, 2024

Chioma Ikokwu, popularly known as Chioma Goodhair, celebrated her mother’s birthday on Instagram. The dazzling socialite shared heartfelt words about her mother in a post.

She wrote: “Happy 68th birthday to the
kindest, most loving, sweetest, selfless,
humble, honest, content, straight shooter I
know. Everyone who has come in contact with
you has in one way or the other been blessed
by your warmth and kindness. Whether it’s
through your medical profession or your love
for sewing & knitting or your generous spirit,
there’s always a positive takeaway. Your
husband and children are completely smitten
by you. Your grandchildren are more fond
of you than they prolly are their own parents. You’re literally the direct description
of the Proverbs 31 woman and you will forever
be my role model. I wish you nothing but long life in good health filled with lots of joy, happiness and prosperity, I know when I asked you to make a wish in slide 4 you didn’t wish anything for yourself because you are selfless like that but instead to carry my children and so shall it be. I love you so much mama bear. Guys please show some love to my incredible mother todav. She deserves all the accolades.
P.s-no-one drinks @cocacola_ng as much as this woman here. Wowwww! They should send you a carton FR”

Chioma Goodhair’s post on Instagram wishing her mom a happy birthday.

Chioma Goodhair shared photos of her mum, dad, and another person, creating a cozy birthday atmosphere. She wore a bright smile, sitting beside her mother.

Rarely does Chioma post her parents, usually reserving such posts for their birthdays. However, she frequently shares pictures of her daughter, regardless of the occasion.

Chioma’s social media presence epitomizes work-life balance. She carefully separates both spheres, shielding herself from public scrutiny. Off-screen, she dazzles in bold, coordinated outfits, turning heads wherever she goes.

Celebrities, despite their status, are also human. Chioma Goodhair’s post offers a glimpse into her vulnerable moments, like spending time with her parents, making her appear relatable and down-to-earth.

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