Nasty Blaq calls for prayers as he battles unknown illness

Written by on February 28, 2024

Popular comedian Nasty Blaq addressed his fans on Instagram, revealing his illness and the necessity for a break. He urged his followers to pray for him and posted a photo of himself undergoing treatment.

In his caption, he wrote, “At this point I can’t fight it anymore I need a break ..pls pray for me” Nasty Blaq did not mention the illness affecting his health, but there’s a possibility that it stress related because he mentioned that he needed a break.

Nasty Blaq’s post calling for help as he battles unknown illness.

Nasty Blaq recently announced his intention to take a break from his roles as a comedian and skit maker. As one of Nigeria’s most consistent skit creators, he regularly shared content online.

However, the demanding nature of his work likely impacted his health, prompting the decision to step back.

While Nasty Blaq’s career in comedy and skit making had its challenges, it also brought significant rewards. Despite the pressures, he achieved notable milestones, including purchasing a house at a young age and enjoying the luxury of driving various high-end cars. These accomplishments were made possible by his success in the comedy industry.


In addition to his comedic endeavors, Nasty Blaq served as a brand ambassador for numerous Nigerian brands, contributing to his growing net worth over time. His talent and hard work have also been recognized through various awards he has received for his contributions to comedy.

Nasty Blaq’s journey to fame was not instantaneous; it was built over years of dedication and perseverance. His unique comedic style, characterized by energetic dancing and occasional cross-dressing, set him apart from his peers, ultimately leading to his success in the industry.


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