British Rapper Stormzy Hails Veteran Ghanaian Musician Slim Busterr At An Event, Video Emerges: “The OG”

Written by on April 19, 2023

British Rapper Stormzy Hails Veteran Ghanaian Musician Slim Busterr

British Rapper Stormzy Hails Veteran Ghanaian Musician Slim Busterr

A heartwarming video of British rapper Stormzy and legendary Ghanaian musician Slim Busterr meeting at an event has gone viral, eliciting excitement and nostalgia among Ghanaians on social media. In the video, Stormzy, who is of Ghanaian descent, affectionately refers to Slim Busterr as the “OG” (Original Gangster) of Ghana music, showing his respect and admiration for the veteran musician.

British Rapper Stormzy has previously expressed his passion and love for Ghanaian music in various ways, including wearing a branded t-shirt with Daddy Lumba’s pictures during his performance at the 2022 Global Citizen Festival in Accra. This latest encounter with Slim Busterr further highlights Stormzy’s appreciation for Ghanaian music and its cultural icons.

Slim Busterr, known for his hit song “Marsherita” and his impressive dance moves, has been a prominent figure in Ghanaian music for decades. His contributions to the Ghanaian music scene have earned him widespread recognition and respect, and Stormzy’s acknowledgment of him as the “OG” is seen as a fitting tribute to his legacy.


The video, which was shared on social media, shows Stormzy and Slim Busterr warmly greeting each other at an event. Stormzy’s excitement is palpable as he exclaims, “This is the ambassador. The OG!” while pointing to Slim Busterr. The video has since been widely shared and commented on by fans of both artists, as well as music enthusiasts in Ghana and beyond.

Many Ghanaians on social media have expressed their delight at seeing Stormzy pay homage to Slim Busterr, with some reminiscing about the golden days when the veteran musician’s music and dance moves captivated audiences across the country. Fans of both Stormzy and Slim Busterr have praised the mutual respect and admiration shown between the two artists, highlighting the positive impact of cultural exchange and appreciation in the music industry.

Stormzy’s recognition of Slim Busterr as the “OG” of Ghana music also underscores the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of veteran musicians to the music landscape. In a rapidly evolving music industry where new talents often take the spotlight, it is essential to honor and appreciate the trailblazers who have paved the way for future generations of artists.


The video of British Rapper Stormzy and Slim Busterr’s encounter at the event has sparked conversations about the significance of cultural heritage and the power of music in bridging gaps and fostering connections between different communities. Stormzy’s pride in his Ghanaian roots and his willingness to embrace and celebrate Ghanaian music and culture serves as an example of how music can transcend borders and unite people from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to Stormzy’s tribute to Slim Busterr, the video also serves as a reminder of the rich musical heritage and talent that Ghana possesses. Ghanaian music, known for its diverse genres such as Highlife, Afrobeats, and Hiplife, has a long history of producing world-renowned musicians and influencing global music trends. Stormzy’s recognition of Slim Busterr as a music legend further shines a spotlight on Ghana’s vibrant music scene and the contributions of its artists to the global music landscape.


Furthermore, Stormzy’s interaction with Slim Busterr underscores the importance of intergenerational collaboration and mentorship in the music industry. As young artists continue to emerge, it is crucial to recognize and learn from the experiences and wisdom of veteran musicians who have paved the way. Stormzy’s appreciation for Slim Busterr’s contributions to Ghanaian music exemplifies the value of acknowledging and respecting the achievements of those who have come before.


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